Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seth MacFarlane's TED


I really can't tell if this is going to be super lame or a brilliant adult comedy. If we're going off the current trend of the quality of Family Guy then we're screwed and TED Macfarlane's first feature (he writes, directs and voices Ted) will be an abortion of a film.

But! Macfarlane has done some pretty magic stuff in the past so I'm willing to give this film a shot. I've always loved the idea of my Teddy coming to life as a kid and I think this will touch on much deeper issues than we're seeing in this trailer. Of course Mila Kunis (Meg on Family Guy) stars in this film with another of what appears to be a slightly cruder version of Brian as a CG teddy bear. Does anyone feel some shots of Ted look a little incomplete? The first time we see him in the bed he looks a little.....not there.

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