Friday, April 13, 2012


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Welshman-man, Dauwd has impressed me for a good few months now. I've listened to his EP 'What's There' countless times without that goose bump, head bop, crotch joust effect ever wearing off.

This guy has created a sound that's as smooth as butter with the funk of Max Rebo if he was Stevie Wonder in his heyday (sense much?). He has the most elegant way of twisting vocal samples into a well grooved building beat. It's quite a thing for the ears to behold.

Anyways he's just about to have a remix released for Jack Dixon April 30. Listen to a preview below. BUT FIRST have a listen to one of the tracks off 'What's There' EP. Unfortunately the vinyl for 'What's There' are out of stock (EVERYWHERE!!!). Please repress!

This is pretty special stuff.

Less talk more listen.

Behold the beauty of Ikopol.

'like' him on FB. Listen to more beats on his SC. Buys his stuffs. Support the Dauwd. 

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