Monday, April 30, 2012

Iron Sky - Half Baked Review


HALF-BAKED REVIEWpast participle, past tense of halfbakeying (Verb)

  1. Watching a film whilst under the influence of alcohol, cough syrup, ritalin or some form of mind altering substance
  2. Writing a review about said film in the same mind altered state.

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Haha well. if you don't know the premise of this film you're in for a treat. Actually if you don't know it don't read this. Read this please. 


Ok now that you know the premise from the poster. 

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Iron - metal 
Sky - in space 
kick some nazi ass……… wait nazi? that's right the nazi's didn't really all disappear into a vacuous hole after wwii (no product placement intended wii) they went to the moon. OF COURSE. which leads me to the question… where the fuck did they go? 

I was lucky enough to go to the AUS premiere of this at the Gold Coast Film Festival 
which included the cast & crew of the film and more drinks afterwards :)  

i sat down knowing that this movie was going to be stupid. stupid good. and then it happened...... They took a completely stupid idea and they made it work. It's full of rad pop culture references and complete current world opposites… black man on the moon, a women as president of the U.S.A and a
women as U.S army general comes captain adama. "I gotta run a ship. The last thing I need is a one-eyed drunk sitting down here sowing discontent and disobedience.." (Captain Adama) 

maybe that was me during this screening… LAUGHING (Edit - I'm don't understand most of this)

Holy shit laughing. everything about this dumb stupid idea of a silly movie is funny and works…

have you ever seen any number of the hitler loses his shit youtube videos? Iron sky has their own version it's effing awesome watch this to get a clue to some of the brilliant hilarity and mocking in the movie: 

Overall. solid… stupid story. great no name cast (proving that you don't need douche bag superstars to sell a movie) you just need Julia Dietze

Julie Dietze....obviously

So. Iron Sky. great movie made on a slither of a budget, really exciting VFX that sure lack at some points but are hidden by the cool steampunk industrial design. A sound design to blow your brain!!! It's like the pod-race from the Atrocity that was Phantom Menace for the first time good!  Just when you think it can't get any better they throw in a good old space battle. I won't ruin the awesome punch line here with what happens leading into the space battle. lets just say. OF COURSE!

In Production

GO AND SEE THIS MOVIE IMMEDIATELY! Help us film makers prove to the world that a crazy stupid idea can be turned into something unique and amazing on a small but liberal budget. 

Caravan out. 


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