Monday, April 16, 2012

Aprilish Beatboners

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BEATBONERpast participle, past tense of b-boning (Verb)

  1. A sound/collection of sounds that make the penis erect whether it be in the pants or brain.
  2. A musical track that makes the head nod, crotch bounce or person to yell 'WHAT IS THIS?!?!'

You should probably BUY AND LISTEN to all/some of these tracks. Side effects may be a tightening of the pants.

Hit the Jump to see them all.

Lone - Crystal Caverns 1991

Catatonic 90s space travel music. When it hits at 1.43 you won't know what to do with yourself. Another winner from Lone. Look at for his new Album 'Galaxy Garden' in May.

buy here

Nid & Sancy - Skinny Fit

Silly hard distorted fun. Sounds like a more rigid Oizo. This has been supported by the Dewaele brothers for a bit now. Must go off on a massive system. 

Buy here

Boiling ft.Sinead Harnett

Ok so this isn't being released until June. I was going to put this other Disclosure pleasure up.... But I've grown drunk in love with this in the last 12 hours. Seriously these guys are on fire. This is one of their most straight forward tracks.

Erol Alkan & Boys Noize  
Roland Rat

Pure killer. Another classic from this dream collaboration that keeps giving.

Buy here

Jan Driver - Bacon Hill 

Distorted drums. Weird vocal samples. More drums. Synth. Mix it all together. Synth. Drums. Finish.  Jan Driver driver is a unique rave beast that doesn't make music for your grandmother. The biggest beatboner on the new Miami Noize compilation. 

Buy the ace compilation here 

Destructo - Stand Still 

Destructo, the man behind 'HARDFEST' (the most beatboner festival on earth). In the last few years he's been making his own beats. Technology was one of the first. It's massive and has been destroying crowds for a while now. He's releasing his first EP on BNR TRAX (what a win) along with this track 'Stand Still'. I've never heard such delicious computer voice in recent memory. Listen.

Pre-Order here

L-Vis 1990
Tonight (KiNK Like It's 1990 Mix)

A yummy house techno journey with the promising KiNK at the wheel of this remix. This track has a lot of life to it. Listen. 

Buy it here

Plastic Hips

I really can't decide as to what track i like most on Siriusmo's new EP 'Doctor Beak's Rantanplant'. Every track is truly special in it's own way. Each so very different to the next. Plastic Hips won simply because I've listened to it two more times than the others. This is only track that features lyrics and the crazy ass instrumental from around 2.30 is out of this world. It's the last track on the EP and fades out to the long silence we'll have to endure till the end of this year for his new album. I honestly think the last minute or so of Plastic Hips is a taste of the next level insanity we'll be witnessing in his upcoming untitled LP. We can only hope. 

Buy the EP here

G. Vump - Feeling

This reminds me of early Presets (when they were boss). A handsome track that possesses this lovely dark dancy groove. Bromance, keep it up. 

Buy it here

MMM - MMM Meets Tshetsha Boys

Ummm. World music infused with the MMM sound and pattern work? It's just the greatness. This track I've listened to most in the last month or so. 

Buy here

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