Friday, June 22, 2012


Look, it's 2012, so we have stopped our relentless whinging about remakes. It happens. Some are good, some are bad. SOME look good, but are bad, and vice versa. We posted earlier about Total Recall and it's lack of imagination, well I'm pleased to present the new trailer for a remake of another 90's film.

Dredd 3d. Which seems to have quite a mythical plot between this good guy, and this mega bitch.

Eomer (Karl Urban) from The Lord of the Rings trilogy


Cersei Lannister (Lena Hedley) from Game of Thrones

Looks like we are in.... for a bit of rape.

So although there is some cheese factor in this trailer (Dredds voice channeling his inner Christian Bale), I like how it's centred around a drug story, it's raw and it's kinda serious. Plus there are some sweet slow mo shots which should look pretty bad ass in 3d. Enjoy the trailer.

seems like this movie is just a high budget sci-fi version of The Raid:Redemption. With less awesome knife and fist fighting.


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