Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tippet's Art, Love and Loss

Phil Tippet brought the brilliant Rancor to life in glorious stop motion in 1983. He has created and filmed countless classic sequences in many massive films for decades. But unfortunately with the age of the 'puter his art has been nudged aside for something arguably more boundless.

Have a look at this interview he did with Harry from Aint it Cool (after harry stops getting a geekboner for Prometheus). It's worth mentioning that this show is well worth tuning into so perhaps you should check the rest out here

This is the Mad God teaser that's talked about in the above interview

Hit the jump to see more about Tippet

Here he is talking about his work on the best film of all time.

Jurassic Park (1993) was the turning point of Phil Tippett's career after Spielberg expressed a desire to created the complex shots of his dinosaurs with CG instead of stop motion. It seems almost as though Tippet was shoved on the back bench and made to create pre-vis for scenes like this one here. Below is the stop motion work he presented to Spielberg in 1992.

See the death of Tippet below. Not a stop motion puppet in sight. Sigh. Released last year (2011)

It seems as though the life of Stop Motion animation is all but dead and even Tippet Studios is now really utilising the computer to complete complex effects shots in films these days. These include the Werewolf effects for 'New Moon'. I will end it on that note.

Now watch this demo of Tippets work before 1993 and remember this laborious boneriffic art form.

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