Friday, June 22, 2012

WRONG COPS: The Production Photos

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Wrong Cops is the new film by Quentin Dupieux AKA Mr. Oizo. Starring Marilyn Manson, Eric Wareheim, Steve Little, Mark Burnham and Arden Myrin.

Not to be confused with Wrong (although we have every reason to believe it's some sort of spinoff - Main WC cop Mark Burnham plays a cop in the film Wrong), it has a current released date of 2013. The production just wrapped on Day 13, and with it, wrapping the performances of Marilyn Manson, Eric Wareheim and Jon Jajoie.

We have put together a collection of production photos, mostly coming from Quentin's twitter feed. You can view his twitter by following him at @oizo3000, but for your convenience, we have put them all in one handy post. Some of them make no sense, and quite frankly, I included them... for no reason.

A buttload more after the jump.

(A picture Manson drew for Q)

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