Saturday, June 23, 2012

Juneish Beatboners

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BEATBONERpast participle, past tense of b-boning (Verb)

  1. A sound/collection of sounds that make the penis erect whether it be in the pants or brain.
  2. A musical track that makes the head nod, crotch bounce or person to yell 'WHAT IS THIS?!?!'

You should probably BUY AND LISTEN to all/some of these tracks. Side effects may be a tightening of the pants.

Jan Driver - Peaker

Jan Driver once again proves that he makes truly exciting monster tunes. Simple, effective, gripping. BANGING.

Para One - Sigmund

I love the opening dialogue. Then boom. A yummy beat. Do yourself a massive favour and grab Para One's new album Passion. Its a delight of varied genres and wins.

Lazer Sword - 
Let's Work (Ft Jimmy Edgar)

The sexiest track my ears have indulged in for a while. 
Let's work... BAAAGGHRRM BAAGM BAAGM! Pick up Memory. It's magnific! 

Jam City - Hyatt Park Nights Pt. 1

I don't think I've heard something that just feels and sounds so 'future'. From the doggy barks, shattered glass and heavy drum beat this track is all kinds of win and will probably send you into a frenzy of dance crotch pumps and ear funk confusion. Check out 'Classical Curves' if you want to discover more of this fresh sound.

Ado - Pressure 

Mature crunchy pulsating crazy that builds and meanders from start to finish. To me the equivalent of what Sommer was for Housemeister. Am I allowed to say that?

Sei A - Mercy Bass

The New Jack Techno compilation is a mother fucker. Sei A knocks it out of the park for me here (followed closely by Duke Dumont). Mercy Bass is killer. Relentless perfection with such a beautiful full sound.

Duke Dumont - 
Street Walker (Alternative Version)

You will probably hear this in sets for the next six months and then in 2017 when it's cool again. Why? Because it's superb. Slightly more groovetastic than the original. However thats quite arguable. 

Mickey Moonlight - 
Come on Humans(Sam Tiba Remix)

I LOVE THIS! I loved the original so very much. It wasn't a dance track at all....... but this is. Try to stay still while listening to this. SO FUCKING FLY!

High Powered Boys - Mind Games

Surkin and Bombo have created a super sweet EP with Streetwise. Mind Games is my favourite track from it. This will slaughter peeps on a big system. 

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