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The 11 most CastleWorthy LPs of 11

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What a year in music! We we're truly spoilt by some dazling releases in 2011. LP's with slick productions, beatastic noises, poetic lyrics and computer voices.

Here are some LP's that I like.

The 11 Most CastleWorthy 
Albums of 2011

 The long awaited full length from Serbian Frenchman SebastiAn was finally released this year. It was like having round an old friend. A safe and enjoyable listen with some crushingly powerful tracks to get excited about.

Listen to Hudson River.
 01 Hudson River by Niklaus

Azari & III 
Self Titled

This Album is just so party. I don't know what that means but you'll understand after listening to it. Nothing today sounds like this. But a few things sounded like it in the 90's. That's a good thing. The coolest LP this year.

    Listen to Manic. 
 Manic by Azari & III 

             Jan Driver              

Amatilda is the 2nd biggest Album of this year. It hits hard and sharp and doesn't let go. AHHHHHHH!

Listen to Raveyard
 Jan Driver - Raveyard by thesubs-blog 

The English Riveria

Smooth tracks that journey through a spectrum of sound and mood. Joseph Mount's voice has never suited his music so well. Anna Prior is great on 'Everything Goes My Way' and the whole band is sounding better than ever. 

Listen to The Bay 
 Metronomy - The Bay by PeaceBlind 

The Golden Age of Apocalypse 

 Jazz groove, guitars and soulful vocals all gel under the name of Thundercat. Perfect driving, walking, hovercrafting music. This album always puts the biggest stupid grin on my face. 

Listen to Walkin'
 Thundercat - Walkin' by Wizard Regressor 

Music Is Awesome

Housemeister is a ridiculously underrated german producer on Boys Noize records. Do yourself a favour, listen to this album and make this man bigger than jesus just like he deserves. 

Listen to Sommer
 07 SOMMER by housemeister 

Partys Over Earth
Partys Over Earth is the biggest Album of this year and it will rip the roof off most/lots of buildings.  This is music for the future/super future. Big delicious beats pounding you into a dribbling mess.

Listen to Work
 ZZT - WORK by Turbo Recordings


Boy I did not expect this to be so good. The first two Modeselektor LPs are great but this is their best.
A tight beautiful production with the most varied genres you can find on this list. I don't know how they make everything sounds so expensive and clean. Bass has never sounded so good. Vocals have never jived so well with fuckalicious beats. This album is one to tell all you friends and nephews about.

Listen to Berlin
 Modeselektor / Berlin by FunguzJorge

Self Titled

SBTRKT is my favourite discovery this year. After listening to his Step Into Shadows EP I was hooked. His self titled LP simply blew me away. It's still getting better with every listen, but I can't put my finger on what genre I'm listening to exactly. Who cares. Get it. Listen to it a thousand and one times. 

Listen to Wildfire
 SBTRKT - Wildfire by NME Radar 

Mr Oizo
Stade 2

The Castles favourite beard did it again. This album is Noise on the first listen. Noise on the second listen. Masterpiece on the third.  It's the G spot between Lambs Anger and Moustache Half A Scissor. Inventive, daring, Oizo noise. Just lovely.

Listen to Camelfuck
 CAMELFUCK by oizo mr 3000 

           This German hermit producer made the best LP of the year 2011. From Good Idea to Bad Idea there is nothing this man is afraid to take on. It sounds so expensive! It's almost/probably like Moritz hired a  thousand classical trained monkeys and got them all to play individual instruments for the thousands of sounds throughout this album. Feromonikon sounds unbelievably strong and Idiologie is still the best pirate flavoured track ever created by humans. Signal and Red Knob are some are the most beautiful electronic tracks I've ever heard. 

Thank you Mo. 

Moritz Friedrich AKA Siriusmo.

Listen to Red Knob

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