Saturday, April 9, 2011

Attack of the Block

This has been getting rave reviews. Go see this when it eventually comes out peeps.

"It's genuinely scary and thrilling, and the cast, made up mostly of unknowns, at first seem like those kids lost between the cracks, but once they decide to fight, you cheer them on, especially John Boyega as Moses, the leader of the kids. The monsters, refreshingly, aren't CGI and are scary as hell, reminiscent of ALIEN and CRITTERS, all glowing teeth and inky black fur. It's a fucking amazing debut for Cornish, who with this first film should have a very long career as a director. If this isn't picked up for American distribution before the end of the fest, I'd be very surprised. ATTACK THE BLOCK would fit right in with any giant summer release and pound for pound I'd bet it delivers more thrills than any of them"
Nordling - AICN

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