Monday, April 18, 2011


My favourite Beard is making a new film. No not Lucas Spielberg or Coppolla but Dupieux. Quentin Dupieux AKA beatboner god Mr. Oizo is in the middle of shooting his next film Wrong (1 week down 3 to go). As we did with Rubber we'll be following the production of this project with baited breath.

? and Quentin

"this first week of shoot already killed RUBBER. my new movie is about madness and beauty. it's already incredible. can't wait to screen it !"

Quentin via Twitter.

Storywise we know that it revolves around a man and his missing dog.


Steve Little (Eastbound & Down)

(Wrong Production still)

William Fitchner (Black Hawk Down, Crash)

Jack Plotnick (Rubber & Meet the Fockers)

(Wrong Productions Still)

As we find out more about the cast we'll let you know. We're getting from all these photos that Quentin will be leaving the desert and heading back to a more Suburban setting like his previous film Steak.

Until our next time please enjoy these still from Quentin himself. Have a go at guessing at what your looking at on some of them.

Click pictures to Embiggen.

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