Thursday, July 31, 2014

George R R Martin look alikes

There seems to be a pretty obvious theme that has been set in the whole TWO HOURS since Castle Awesome has been back satisfying your urge to waste endless time on the Internet (we all know what you're really doing.)

And that, dear humans, is  #NOREASON


Because who needs one. Exactly.

So in the spirit of our revival I present you the following:

Fat idiots George R R Martin look alikes.

Look at this first one. I know right, just a shitty costume but he's totally got the hat and beard right look at the comparison.

Then there's this guy, just another shitty costume. I don't like his beard.

Ok, we're getting better at it now. This guy actually made the effort of stuffing his shirt, because so far people haven't really tried to imitate his obesity. Which is an issue, but I guess that's what happens if you take DECADES to write a goddamn series of books.

Lets take a brief break <-- Mandatory break viewing. Click it.


This is probably the only decent one.

He's even got that weird little hat emblem, turtle, pendent, thing, or whatever it is..

This next one I guess kinda looks like a weird version of him, but it could just be a fat dude.

If you squint like Fry you can kinda see it

Then again, I may have it all wrong. If we consult The Holy Gospel of Yahoo Answers maybe it is our rotund fantasy obsessed shut-in that looks like someone else even more famous than he


Congratulations! You've sat through a complete bullshit post that's all in the spirit of the revived Castle Awesome that is sure to bring you about as much pleasure as cross dressing Khal Drogo getting nailed in da butt by a bearded Daenerys Targaryen!



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