Thursday, August 2, 2012

Breakbot Album incoming - Get Excited.

@breakbot @edbangerrecords @oizo3000

After years of hearing some golden original tunes over several EPs Breakbot will be releasing his album 'By Your Side' in late September. Here a nice lil teaser for the album. Have a look see below.

I want Breakbot bobble head now! I can totally see that going on sale at

In other Ed Banger news Oizo has released 'Ronnie' on the Soundcloud. It's from his film 'Wrong'. If you dont know what Wrong is you haven't been visiting this site much and should probably rethink your life. The beard collaborated with Tahiti Boy on it. Sounds Clingtastic. A lot of nice real sounds in this track. Apparently the whole soundtrack contains a lot of recorded everyday items. This is going to be a super swell soundtrack. I CAN TASTE IT!

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