Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Streamer House!

The internet is full of bizarre and logic defying way to make money that seem inversely proportionate to how much of a life you have.

Streaming yourself playing games on Twitch has somehow become a day job! Like in what fucken universe to people enjoy watching other people play games over the internet? You could be, well, playing yourself? Or even have sex with another person. Unbelievable!

So just to screw with conventional logic even more, enter STREAMERHOUSE!


The Twitch streaming concept taking to it's ultimate extreme.

Four guys play on Twitch 24/7 in roughly 8 hour rotations. At the time of posting they are on 575+ hours of non-stop streaming and have been playing Destiny every minute of every day since Launch!

This is how the guys describe themselves:

As a passionate group of twitch viewers and streamers ourselves we had seen other streamer group projects come and go over the years and really felt there was something more to be done. We took what we had learned and decided to go for it and build a 24/7 streaming gamer house with the help of our friends, family and viewers like you. We've outfitted the house with 20 IP cameras both inside and out covering the majority of the public viewing space. (There are no bedroom or bathroom cameras*) allowing viewers not only to watch game hard every day but participate themselves over chat or voice com. Whether we are gaming, editing a video for youtube or cooking a meal you get a peek into our glamorous lives as video game streamers. Streamer House is Twitch's only 24/7 live gaming house hosting a variety of live streamers and a huge array of games. You can watch us any time of the day while we take turns to keep game play and entertainment going around the clock.

The first thing you might ask yourself, is why? Well we didn't know the internet needed a 24/7 streaming service, nor that it wanted to watch the 20 IP cameras spying on the players. It's like a voluntary Big Brother without the commercial dickery!

The second thing you might ask yourself is how on Earth do these guys make enough money to, you know, live?

Subscribing to their stream on twitch costs $5 a month and Streamerhouse will get roughly $2.50 of that. Their current stream lists 588 subscribers equaling roughly $1470 a month. There are also donations, which seem to be significant with the top donation for this month at $533.

Combine that with revenue from youtube if they do indeed monetize and while that could look OK for an individual, there are four guys here with a house and the gear to stream 24/7 on multiple gaming platforms. Not to mention the costs of maintenance, products, and air conditioning.

Considering Maintenance costs too, they must be high on the equipment they use! I mean playing an Xbox One for 25 days straight has to have an effect on it right? It's impressive they don't have more downtime! Hell the game's they play have more downtime than they do.

If anyone can shed some more light on they're revenue streams, I'm all ears!

That aside, they look to be doing well with about 35 million views, so despite my complete lack of belief that anyone is even watching there is clearly a market for this. Crazy!

Of the 20 odd minutes I spent watching there is one thing that really stuck with me. Every time someone subscribes the screen displays raining money and the following song plays:


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