Thursday, October 13, 2011

"It's a Trap!" - Making us spend way too much money on msg tones!

Regardless of the fact that none of you know me and the fact that this is my first ever castle post, this is way to exciting for me to waste any more time on introductions!

So let me make this simple....

iOS 5 users, go to your iTunes store app > "More" > "Tones" and click this little promo link....

Thank me later!

(Castle Awesome Crew: I totally shotgun "R2D2 - Shutdown" as my message tone! I hate it when people have the same message tone as me!)
Update TimmehB - Amazing. I just made my message tone the T-Rex roar from Jurrasic Park. winner.

Regards, i2


  1. Tim, thats a comment not an update.

    But good for you none the less.

  2. Yeah dude, that's what the comment section is for.

  3. Thanks for sharing this fact. Though you made it as simple as this but somehow effective.

  4. Your banner is very cute, I just come to see it first but overall your post was very informative and entertaining. I enjoyed being at your place.


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