Friday, January 27, 2012

They!Live LP

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Alright so I'm not talking about the radcore John Carpenter film 'They Live' but the first LP of the talented Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka. Never heard of them? That's ok not many people have. Besides a few things they've done apart they have only ever released a double single on Monkeytown side label 50 Weapons.

It was double single Creeper/Infamous that shone a light on minimal swelling techno. With a gorgeous production weight and depth these tracks got so deep inside you that you could almost shit them out. 

Their first LP was insistantly insisted by Modeslektor after they heard Creeper. They flew them to Berlin to make the album and it will be released today (01/27/2012).

Enough chit chat. Let's have a listen

Listen to the original 50 Weapons double single below. 

Watch the quickly made music video for Halo which will be on the They Live LP

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