Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Congress shelves SOPA. The internet wins.

#SOPA #winning

So what did congress really think was going to happen when they proposed restricting peoples freedom online. The backlash it incited on the internet wasn't just limited to the country that the new laws would have affected and so a world wide cry rang out, stop SOPA now before it fucks up my illegal downloading practices. I think companies should learn from this, as H2ouse has previously mentioned, most 'pirates' would be happy to pay a fee for the service/ability to download new shows on demand instead of waiting 6 months for them to air on T.V. nestled snuggly between ads for products we neither want nor give a flying fuck about. One of the main things that annoys me is that in the states there are services that almost do this, Hulu for example, but to all the rest of us living outside of the land of the "free" we are stuck with delayed schedules. Take for instance The Muppets, released in the USA on thanksgiving, which if I'm not mistaken is the last thursday of november, whereas we here in australia didn't get a chance to see it till january 12th.
So with that in mind, until companies start to figure out how to provide better services to us the internet generation, SOPA will never be able to find a foothold. Which is why it comes as no surprise the Congress has officially shelved the act for now.

good on you Earth.

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