Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Disclosure are two brothers from the UK aged 17 and 20. They make future music and have released a free album a few months ago. On 30th January they're new double single Tenderly/Flow will be real eased digitally and on 7" on Make Mine.

The sound of these guys is so rich/full/expensive/fresh/dolphintastic. They're production skills are incredible for how stupidly young they are (jealous).  Anyways enough talking shits.

Take off your pants, have a listen (below), grab the free EP, pre-order the 7" die happy.

Disclosure. Remember that name. It's going to be quite exciting to see what they come up with next.

The Free EP (below). How is this free? It's too good to be free.

 E.P. - FREE DOWNLOAD (see description) by Disclosure.

Double Single Tenderly/Flow

 Tenderly/Flow by Disclosure.

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