Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Pledge

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Tim and Eric don't want you to download/torrent/pirate/snatch their latest film 'Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie in the coming days. They need moneys to make another twisted film! So they came up with the Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Pledge

Before you watch below and decide to ignore the Tim & Eric pledge just remember they are doing everything they can to make sure everyone on earth can see it this Friday (perhaps Saturday depending on your timezone). So maybe it's time to give these guys the money they deserve and buy their film on demand this Friday. Watch it with friends/pets/pet's friends.

Here's a Tweet from Eric.

"UK, CANADIAN, AND AUSTRALIAN CHIPS! Hang tight, they are trying to figure out how you can see the movie too"

Ok so go here and sign that pledge!

Below are some celebrity pledge signererers.

Hit the jump to see who is taking the pledge.

Paul Rudd takes the Pledge

Bob Odenkirk takes the Pledge

Elijah Wood takes the Pledge

Michael Ian Black takes the Pledge

Karen O takes the Pledge

James Murphy takes the Pledge


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