Tuesday, January 10, 2012



I met Scoot (Scott Mellis) when i was the pubeless age of four. I grew up with two sisters and he was really the sibling i never had with a penis. His first band 'Pool-Shark' (named after a Sublime track) first played in my garage with gathering neighbours and shitty side acts. It went down well but it really didn't touch the surface of what was to come from Scott.

Now and for quite some time he's been a man/boy-man guitar act. It's a tough battle to be recognised from every other one man act out there. But this is what Scoot lives for and I really think he's starting to find an identity as an artist/musician/hat-wearer. 

So perhaps you'll enjoy his voice, his shit hair and music. 

This is one of his best tracks, HoneyBee (see below). Recorded and filmed in a Backyard.

Buy his shits here

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  1. matt haynes's motherJanuary 10, 2012 at 1:24 PM

    dear matt you suck love scott


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