Friday, January 13, 2012

CES 2012: 8K LCD

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We've seen plenty of completely stupid, unnecessary & overpriced gadgets at this years CES,
none more so than this fucking stupid thing.
An 8K LCD monitor.

OMG, almost 8 times higher res than standard full HD TV's.
But Dave, why is this stupid?

I'll tell you.
because it's still twice the resolution that even the highest resolution cinema cameras are capable of capturing.
congratulations Sharp, you built a TV that is only running at 50% capacity.
you fucking mongs. At this point in time, the TV & Home Cinema market will not expand past 2K for a very long while given the investments in standardising HD (anything between 720 and 1080).
We all knew that one could be made if someone wanted to, christ, we saw 4K monitors at CES a few years ago - only a handful got sold, but we got the message - realising that the sky was the limit.

But Dave, what about RED's rumoured 27K & 32K cameras?
The sole reason for shooting at a resolution higher than true 4K is for visual effects.... or there's not enough money in the budget for more than one lens. Even so, the final cut will always be exported at a more manageable resolution. 1080 & 2K will dominate the home market & 4K will dominate the cinema market. Not to mention the fact that the human eye is incapable of detecting resolutions upwards of 4K on a standard 50" panel.
This panel might have a niche market in post production houses or photoshop suites with more dollars than sense, but it's not likely.

The next major development we're going to see in cinema is the standardised upgrade from 24fps to 48fps, which initially I was 100% against, but now Kodak is well and truly heading down the shitter and 35mm prints are no longer gracing projection booths with their presence - I'm all for it, in fact, I can't wait.
Of course, 48fps will still fall well within the 50 or 60 Hertz that most monitors & projectors can run at, so the migration on the consumers end will be seamless.

Main point; Sharp, congratulations for continuing to make shitty TVs that nobody will buy.

Brooksbot = Dave

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