Friday, January 6, 2012

How Kodak Died.

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What a sad day.
Kodak announced over night that they would be filing for bankruptcy in the coming weeks if they fail to sell off their patents (worth in excess of US$2billion) or convince some rich dudes that film will bounce back and get a US$1billion bail out.

This just proves what we all expected - the desperate attempts that Kodak was making to put to bed the rumours that they were in dire straights was just a last ditch effort to prevent shareholders from jumping ship.
Castle Awesome reported on Kodaks defiance and blind optimism in the face of a corporate apocalypse, back in November of last year (HERE) - where Kim Snyder, Vice President of Kodak denied stories of a struggling century old film company by reassuring people that they weren't going anywhere.

There's not much more to say here, this horrible situation speaks for itself.
Our heritage, and still the undeniable king of image accusation will soon be laying on the cutting room floor. Replaced by CMOS CCDs, HDDs & SSDs.
This is how film dies. We're watching it happen right before our eyes.

Of course, all of this comes straight off the back of film distributers, major studios & cinemas announcing that they had put aside their long standing differences regarding an-across-the-board migration to digital cinema and will proceed with plans to phase out distribution of motion pictures on 35mm film and will adopt a standardised digital projection system (of which Christie, IMAX & Kodak are involved) which will consist of distributers providing cinemas with a HDD containing a 2K or 4K copy of the film - and professional projectionists plugging in the hard drive, turning on the projector & pressing play.

It's all a bit insulting.

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  1. this is very sad. i love shooting on film.


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