Thursday, September 1, 2011

Voice Over - A Hollywood God

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Here is a post Haynezeeboy has been hassling me to do for a while, and it's one that's close to my heart.

"When you arrive at the pearly gates, the voice you hear isn't God, it's God trying to sound like Don LaFontaine"

Don LaFontaine was a Hollywood legend.
He was without a doubt the most sought after & busiest voice over artists in the world. Having revolutionised the way that film trailers are presented.
And having coined the infamous phrase "in a world...."

Don LaFontaine passed away on this day, the first of September, 3 years ago.
In this time, nobody has managed to fill the booming void left by the Hollywood legend.

The man lived a fascinating life - one of tremendous privilege, natural talent and with an amazing professionalism & down to earth approachability about him. There was a reason why this man was worshiped by the biggest names in Hollywood for decades.
Even Peter Cullen, the voice of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh & Optimus Prime from Transformers enjoys the casual lifestyle of being an in-demand voice over artist who is able to charge an obscene fortune by-the-word, and be chauffeured too and from a recording studio and is well known for not even bothering to change out of his pyjamas.

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  1. this is incredible! so great to finally put a face to that amazing voice!
    I had no idea he had died


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