Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Modern Warfare 3: Spec Ops trailer


In case you didn't notice, Xbox uploaded this video a few hours ago.
it's just a brief look at the game that will cause you to fail that uni subject you already have a hard time getting motivated about, and will probably cause you to break up with your girlfriend......again.


  1. 3 things
    Attack dogs strapped with exPlosives
    I missed riot shields
    I missed juggernauts

  2. please tell me brooksbot's comments on this story were directed at TimmehB =D

  3. it was directed at all men everywhere.
    No matter your socioeconomic status, not matter your colour or creed;
    If you have at least one ball and a penis, the Call of Duty has a power over you that cannot be resisted or explained., no, Tim is not at risk.


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